About Us


I began teaching myself electronics and programming when I was twelve. My passion for both continues to grow. After spending some time in the US Army, I went back to school and became a software engineer. Mostly I do embedded work. Embedded systems are all those computers that are "embedded" in other devices. Your oven, your car, your DVD player and TV, toys, vending machines, and tons of others. A few billion products a year.

In 2004 I was recognized in the Circuit Cellar / Atmel AVR Design Contest for the AVR COG (Character Overlay Generator). It was an interesting, if somewhat flawed, design but it has been the basis of further work by Gary Dion , Ben Gelb at the Vienna Wireless Society, and others.

I enjoy teaching others and I hope some of the material I post on this web site helps or inspires others with their own projects and learning. As I (re)build this site I will be adding quite a bit of content from projects I have done in the past or projects I am working on, as well as some tutorials I am writing.

But computers and electronics isn't all I do. I have lots of other interests, as well. I love to turn perfectly good wood into big piles of sawdust. Once in a while some useful or interesting object will get left behind. My son and I also love motorcycles. We both have project bikes in the garage that sometimes run long enough to take a ride. Mine will someday be what I call my "Diner Daily" as opposed to a cafe racer. My bike started life as a 1980 Honda CM-400e. I like outdoor activities: hiking, skiing, swimming, and just smelling fresh air and watching sunrises and sunsets. And, of course, NOTHING is more important than my family. Spending time with them, doing stuff together, and just knowing they are there for me and me for them, makes everything else worthwhile.

I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Small Time Electronics

Small Time Electronics is a small business I started when I began doing some consulting work as a student. It isn't really active now that I have a real job. But I do like to help people out that can't find help otherwise. If you have a project that is too small for other places, and can convince me it is interesting enough or you need my help bad enough, I can probably help. I specialize in small projects that most companies wouldn't consider worth their time and trouble. If you need help with custom electronics, custom programming work, or something related, and can't get what you need elsewhere, contact me. Since I do it mostly for fun and to help people in a bind, rather than trying to make a living, my rates are reasonable.